An-Mary specializes in the selection of office staff like office assistants, secretaries, office managers, salesmen, accountants and various other office employees. The agency has the advantage of being mobile, fast, adaptive, well acquainted with the whole range of the economy, due to experience in working with companies of all kinds – trade, production, service oriented, banking institutions, financial, construction and etc. This practical experience is backed up by a client list for references about our work. According to the clients' needs we devise specific questionnaires and practical tests in order to find the best qualified staff. At An-Mary we realize that young people with university education are faced with great difficulties connected with decision making about their future career; that when they face the harsh reality their expectations are either too high or too low compared to the business requirements. We provide qualification and training. We create motivation for development and provide the expected professional development. Our philosophy relies on an approach, based upon each of the specific Client's needs and closely links our job with his problems. That is why we have developed and we continue to rely on our close relationship with our partners. We provide services that are quick and efficient and we offer integral solutions for their business. We are flexible, innovative, our aim is to understand and satisfy the client's wishes. An-Mary has been on the Bulgarian market for over seven years now. Together we go towards success "In January, 2004, I signed a contract with An-Mary for cooperation about the selection and appointment of a secretary to the Dean. The attitude and the approach of the company's manager Mrs. Elitsa Paneva were extremely professional and responsible." Proff. D-r. Eng. Georgi Ivanov Godinyachki, Dean VSU "L. Karavelov": In 2005 we organized a training course for the employees of the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy; An-Mary team demonstrated exceptional professionalism, eagerness for cooperation and flexibility in the process of planning and organization of the training. The agency works with professionally approved study programme, consistent with the specific needs of the MLSP and the professional duties of its employees. Ministry of Labour and Social Policy: "The company has been working in cooperation with An-Mary agency with manager Mrs. Elitsa Paneva for over two years. During this time we received the help we needed in solving of the staff selection and recruitment related problems, as well as advice and help in stopping of the fluctuation of manpower and timely resolution of possible conflicts. The agency proved to be a partner who helped us resolve our problems – professionally, correctly and efficiently." "Ekont Express" LTD in march 2006 we had a training of the administration staff in my company conducted by An-Mary agency. The study programme was carefully and professionally developed. The selected modules were extremely practically oriented and gave the employees much needed knowledge and skills." During this period we have conducted several staff recruitment campaigns and an integral research on the motivation of the company employees. Our cooperation with An-Mary agency can be described as very successful. This evaluation includes not only the optimization of the company structure due to the decisions made after the research on the motivation of the employees, but also the time saved by the management in conducting of the initial interviews." "I am one of the many women who have been trained by the agency and who have after that found a job through its mediation. I liked most the fact that they not only provide training but also undertake to find one a job, which they carefully select, bearing in mind the abilities and specific attitude of the girls, which I found out later." Mila: "At the beginning of last summer I enrolled in the secretary training course of An-Mary agency. Only a week after its completion I went to a job interview and got hired. This made me believe in my own abilities and skills and helped me find practical application for my education. Thank you for the self respect which you gave me." Nelly "I can only say that I am extremely happy with the job that I got with your help and I am very grateful for your professionalism, your patience and goodwill. I wish you success and the best of luck." Services Offered STAFFRECRUITMENT - Office and Personal Assistants - Coordinators and Office Managers - Accountants and Salesmen - Receptionists and Secretaries - Engineers and other staff We are able to maintain an excellent database due to the trust and the image we succeeded to develop among the job-seeking professionals. Our adequate attitude, the honesty and reliability with which we regard every applicant guarantees similar attitude by our partners and clients. We aim to be of maximum help to the employers as well as to the job-seeking people. We have regular recruitment campaigns for quick and accurate completion of the client's request. We try out various methods in looking for the best applicants, so that the Client can have a choice. Our available job offers can be seen on the most popular internet sites for job-seeking or on. ORGANIZATION CONSULTING AND STRUCTURING Organization consulting and structuring of the work position includes analysis of the existing situation, full description of the activities, optimizing of the organizational order and document circulation. Why is that necessary? The dynamics of business development is huge. In a matter of only months some companies can require twice or even three times their initial manpower and workload. The crucial and most busy work position in relation to the information control and coordination should be optimized and improved continually. Organization consulting is implemented: - when ISO standards must be covered - when there are certain requirements about the work position and document circulation - when the company did not have such a position planned and specifically organized - when there is no system of document circulation and rules about the correspondence, document filing, internal and external communication When you choose this service along with the consulting we provide training for the secretary and develop the work position with her, we implement order and structure so that the company can function efficiently. That is why when we develop clear rules and structure, when we organize the work position and train the person for the job, everything goes smoothly and without stressful situations. Trust us! We guarantee: - More motivated and satisfied employees, great work atmosphere - Higher productivity and efficiency - Implementation of order and structure, clear and understandable for everyone in the office - Development of a functional work position and job training of a new employee or a substitute - Stress reduction for newly hired employees, development of a secure and welcome atmosphere for everyone involved We prepare a report about the completed work; three and six months after the end of the training module, we offer a follow up on its efficiency through specially developed questionnaires and interviews with participants and their direct supervisors. We can give you a CERTIFICATE about your IT knowledge – IT card This certificate guarantees your computer and internet knowledge and skills. The evaluation system, independent from the study module, has been developed by the European Software Institute. It was first implemented in Spain in 2002 and was accepted in many countries in Europe, as well as all over the world. Computers and internet are mandatory elements of everyday work in all areas. The employers demand that you – the applicant for a certain work position – have a "computer literacy". ITcard is the official document which proves that you satisfy that requirement. The certificate is valuable for anyone seeking a good professional realization – government administration employees, bigger and smaller companies employees, teachers, journalists, students – anyone who needs objective evaluation of his knowledge and skills in the area of the information technologies. Leasing of staff – "substitute secretary" For a period of one to thirty days you can hire a substitute and we undertake to take care of the labour regulation procedures and social insurance. You only need to pay the person, who works for you the payment that you have agreed upon. All this saves you from stressfull situations during the summer holidays and allows for the smooth continuation of the working process. SPECIALIZED SECRETARY COURSE The training is practically oriented and gives functiobally organized information, necessary for the everyday performance of the office staff. The course aims to give the basic knoledge and skills about this profession or to improve the existing ones in practical terms. THE PROGRAMME INCLUDES: Computer training: Word, Excel, Internet, E-mail management, typing in Cyrillic as well as in Latin Composition and formatting of trade correspondence: letters, faxes, e-mail, business offers, contracts following the Bulgarian Government Standards, European and American standards. Wording of orders, contracts, work related legal documents, business documents and other administrative correspondence. Working with storage programmes – computer based payment documents, orders and other accountancy documents. Organization and communication on the work position. Organization of meetings and business trips. Preparation of work schedules and reports. The course starts every Monday and lasts two weeks at 4 hours a day. - Morning from 10.00 a.m. till 2.00 p.m. - Afternoon from 2.00 p.m. till 6.00 p.m. The study groups are usually small /up to four people/, and the training is mostly individually oriented, and additional study materials and visual aids are provided. All practical case studies and tasks are saved on CD so that they can be used in your future job, as well as some bonus material from us – trade correspondence and economic dictionary in English, typing programme. After the training is completed you take a test and receive a certificate Communication without any borders – it's easy with us: Business English Course. The course is suitable for people who speak English on an average level and who wish to improve their knowledge in a very short time. If you want to speak easily with your partners our course is what you are looking for. The film material on which the course is based is the best created by the BBC. The topics in the episodes cover the basic real life situations in the business environment of a company and besides perfect English you get to learn how to run a business, how to analyze the competition and how to negotiate deals, along with other useful tips. The reasons to choose computer based language learning are: - The computer is the most patient teacher; - You choose the time which is most suitable for you and also the speed which you will be working with; - You can repeat as many times as you feel necessary to understand better and to improve your pronunciation, and at the same time you get a graphic representation of your intonation, your voice performance and comparison with the voice recorded on the CD with instant correction; - The computer is truly able to transfer you into a realistic atmosphere. The training programme includes: - Twenty units in Business which include basic greetings; presentation formats and deals negotiation in different divisions of a company. The course is absolutely practically oriented. Every unit includes video, dictation, pronunciation analysis and new words glossary. After the completion of the course you receive a certificate. We offer you training, you get – professional development! Our most recent and innovative offer is ONLINE TRAINING, Which you can find at.... It is designed to develop communication, sales and organizational skills. If You: - Work in the Service providing area - Deal with customers on a daily basis - Understand the specific requirements of customer services - Know the importance of the quality customer services - Know how much more expensive it is to attract new customers than to keep the existing ones Are happy when the customer asks for your services time and again. We offer you to realize how: - To send out a positive message to others - To determine the needs of your customers, users or visitors - To provide what is necessary for those who work for you - To make your customers come back to you To achieve your goals and to enhance your business competitiveness you must choose our short training: Quality customer services Why is quality customer services so important? - The number of the companies dealing with customer services is increasing - Competition is increasing - Customers go back to places where quality of service matters - The growth of the customer list is of crucial importance If you are too busy to spare some time, if you company operates in different towns and transport and overnight stay expenses are too high for you, you need our online training. By using it. You can: - Improve your competitiveness - Test yourself - Organize a forum or a discussion group with other trainees and a moderator - Download your study materials - Ask your trainer and get a competent and timely response to your question - After completion of the course you receive a certificate for the acquired knowledge and skills - Invest in yourself and guarantee a successful European future The efficient Salesman or How to ask the right questions so that you can attract new customers and keep the old ones. The training is suitable for new salesmen as well as for those with experience who need new techniques to boost up sales. Real life case studies are played out, new and unorthodox techniques for long-term customer loyalty are presented, and skills of how best to present your company and yourself are offered even in cases when the customer is not buying anything at the moment. Sales are a long-term project. Bad attitude to customers tends to be remembered and leads to loss of customers, while good attitude brings new customers and orders. The Best Office Assistant It is suitable for administration employees and helps them improve their competence in organizational and communicative aspect, gives them new skills in correspondence and document formats, helps very effectively to improve phone communication techniques in conversations with clients and partners. It enhances the organizational and administrative skills, creates professional attitude and further develops your employees' potential. How to communicate accurately over the phone and how to attract new customers. Practical advice and situations devised to train you how to behave and what to say to achieve the desired effect. Little tricks in communication guarantee big achievements in all kinds of business situations. We often ask ourselves what went wrong and why we did not get the maximum result. If you want to understand why that is so and to learn the rules of the winners, come to us. The Efficient Administrative Assistant The training is suitable for the improvement of the qualification of government and municipal employees. It helps the development of better computer, administrative and communication skills and knowledge. Among the clients who have benefited from this training are The Ministry of Labour and Social Policy, The Agency of New Technologies and Communication. TIME MANAGEMENT The appropriate time management is crucially important for achieving: - Higher productivity, efficiency and efficacy - Higher percentage of goal fulfillment - Higher job satisfaction In addition to the listed trainings we also offer Phone conversation etiquette, how to manage teamwork, how to become good leaders, and we also develop customer-tailored trainings. All trainings are suitable for employees with or without practical experience, newly promoted or just people with potential who have proved their loyalty to the company. Your employees are not obliged to know everything but they can be trained to be efficient so that they can avoid making mistakes and increase their contribution to your company. Help them – just give them free training as a bonus for work well done.

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